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The Country Club is a club for runners who share a passion for travel and to run marathons in countries around the world. To qualify for membership a runner must complete a marathon or ultra in a minimum of 30 different countries.  There are no membership fees. Club and website expenses are funded by donations. Runners who are qualified, and interested in joining the Country Club, should contact the Club President.


The Country Club, founded in 2007, has a set of rules defining a marathon that are similar to most marathon clubs. However, Country Club members have run thousands of marathons in hundreds of countries, and have learned from experience that to enforce a strict set of rules on a small running club or race in a 3rd-world or foreign country is both naive and impractical, and may result in huge financial losses to members. There will be race problems in some countries, and the Country Club reviews such problems on a case-by-case basis, and exceptions may be granted when justified.

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