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Charter Bylaws

Country Club Charter Bylaws

The Country Club was founded in February 2007, and was the first Club in the world formed for the purpose of helping runners to complete marathons in countries, and to promote the Sport of ‘Marathon Running in Countries’!

In addition to establishing rules for marathons and countries, two Charter Bylaws were established for the Country Club:

  1. Qualifying Standard

    Runners must complete a marathon or ultra in a minimum of 30 countries to qualify for membership in the Country Club

  2. The Three Rs

    All members shall Recognize/Respect/Remember stats accomplished by members in compliance with former, current and future rules established by the Country Club, and stats of ‘pioneer’ runners in our Sport accomplished before there were any Clubs or rules in our Sport!

Country Club Core Values and Principles


The Country Club was founded in 2007 based on a set of core values of trust and honesty of members.

Members are expected to share core principles of understanding, compassion and a caring attitude for all members and runners.

If a member is not willing to accept and live by these core values and principles and comply with all rules established by the Club, it is respectfully recommended that a member join another Club that better satisfies his needs and values.




Integrity and Credibility


Two more important core principles of the Country Club are:

  1. Every member and runner are responsible to ensure that they complete the official marathon distance in a marathon

  2. All members have the right and responsibility to police themselves and other members.

    These two principles are necessary to ensure the integrity and credibility of member’s stats, the Country Club and our Sport!


    Although all members are honest and trustworthy, there may be races and circumstances where a problem or incident occurs that makes it difficult to fulfill this responsibility such as:

  1. A runner (unintentionally) misses a turn or section of a course, thus running a shorter distance

  2. A runner is directed off course by a race volunteer causing the runner to run a shorter distance

    If such a problem/incident occurs, it is the responsibility of the member to make a best effort to correct the problem and complete the official marathon distance during the race.

    If a member witnesses another member experience an incident during a race, the witness member should approach that member during the race to question or challenge the incident and remind the member of their responsibility to correct the problem and make a best effort to complete the official marathon distance during the race.


    If such action is not possible during the race, or the accused runner refuses to acknowledge a problem, the witness member should approach the accused runner as soon as possible after the race to present a challenge to the ‘completion of a marathon’, or contact the Race Director to report a challenge and ask the RD to resolve the issue before race results are published.


    If there is no satisfactory resolution following these actions, the witness member shall report a challenge with sufficient proof and witnesses to the President of the Country Club within 30 days of the incident. The President, and/or designated members of the Club shall review the challenge and decide an appropriate resolution to the challenge that will be binding to all members involved in the challenge.


    Any member receiving three challenges that need to be reviewed by the Club, shall be disqualified from the Country Club.


    Any member challenged for an intentional and proven  (i.e. jumping into a car or public transport, or cutting the course) act of ‘cheating’ that is confirmed shall be disqualified from the Country Club immediately!


    This policy is effective Jan 1, 2018.



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