Country Club Gear

Good news! The Country Club has been working for several months to provide a Club kit.

It is now available to order.

Country Club Singlet

36 Euros

Country Club T-Shirt

32 Euros

Thanks to Jürgen Sinthofen who agreed to become the Country Club Gear Manager, we have a new supplier for CC gear!

Our new supplier is a German company who will produce the gear in Germany. A race singlet and a race T-shirt, both in the same material as the old "Gologo" shirts in a high quality sublimation technique, with the CC logo is now again available to order. You have the choice to order a singlet or T-shirt either with or without your national flag and your name on the left upper front side at no extra costs! Both singlets and T-shirts are also available in ladies sizes.

Our supplier does not stock Country Club gear. The Club needs to collect a specific quantity of orders to reach a minimum size order and then place an order with the supplier.

Thus Jürgen will accept & accumulate orders which means it might take some weeks before you would receive your singlet or T-shirt.

The price for a singlet or T-shirt with or without name and national flag is 32 Euro for a T-shirt and 36 Euro for a singlet. 

The prices listed for gear are the actual costs from the supplier to manufacture the gear. The CC does not add a markup for gear and makes no revenue or income from the sale of Club gear.

Jürgen has volunteered to co-ordinate the shipping by post mail. The cost from the German Post is 5 Euro to any destination world-wide. Of course we could arrange personal deliveries at races if possible to minimize shipping costs.

For your order please send an e-mail to Jürgen Sinthofen @

Payment will have to be made to Jürgen's bank account once the order is confirmed since the CC is not a business and has no business process in place to collect payments and the Club has no bank account or assets to pay for orders and stock inventory.

​Only CC members are allowed to purchase Club gear. It is hoped that all CC members will purchase and wear the CC gear at races to promote our club.

A size chart is posted below.

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