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Future Races

This section lists marathons & countries that members plan to run in upcoming months so that other members can learn where they might meet and join fellow members. It provides a comfortable feeling to know another runner and see a familiar face in a strange part of the world and it helps to build camaraderie among Club members. And it may be possible to share some expenses if you meet up with fellow members. If a large number of members are running the same marathon/country it may be an opportunity to organize a Club reunion.



Albert Meijer

Jun 4/23, Slovenia Ultra, Slovenis

Dieter Elster

Jun 04/23, Kinshasa, DR Congo

Jul 30/23, Port Moresby marathon, Papua New Guinea


Thomas Godlewsky

Jun 04/23, Tórshavn Marathon, Faroe Islands
Jul 30/23, Papua Marathon, Papua New Guinea

Frank Fuessl

Oct 1/23, Košice Peace Marathon, Slovakia

Oct 8/23, Kopet Dag Marathon, Turkmenistan

Oct 29/23, Nairobi Marathon, Kenya


Peter Maier


Jun 04/23, Aruba Marathon, Aruba

Oct 01/23, Jersey Marathon, Jersey

Dec 10/23 Barbados Marathon, Barbados

Didier Cazala

Jul 02/23, Victoria Falls Marathon, Zimbabwe.


Jurgen Sinthofen

Oct 01/23, 100 Kosice, Slovakia


Juhani & Maria Aho


Jul 9//23, Mauritius Marathon, Mauritius

Oct 01/23, Kosice Marathon, Slovakia



Wojtek Machnik

Jun 4/23, Tórshavn Marathon, Faroe Islands

Jun 11/23, Kigali International Peace Marathon, Rwanda

Jun 25/23, Sao Tomé Maratona, São Tomé and Príncipe

Jul 1/23, Namosi Marathon, Fiji

Jul 12/23, American Samoa Marathon, American Samoa

Jul 15/23, Samoa International Marathon, Samoa

Jul 21/23, Tuvalu Marathon, Tuvalu

Jul 30/23, Port Moresby International Marathon, Papua New Guinea

Aug 27/23, Marathon Mobil of New Caledonia, New Caledonia

Sep3/23, Maratón Medellín, Colombia

Oct 1/23, Košice Peace Marathon, Slovakia

Oct 8/23, Kopet Dag Marathon, Turkmenistan

Oct 9/23, Central Park Marathon, Kazakhstan

Oct 11/23, Bishkek Ala-Too Marathon, Kyrgyzstan

Oct 13/23, Tashkent City Marathon, Uzbekistan

Oct 14/23, Khujand Trail Marathon, Tajikistan

Oct 29/23, Accra International Marathon, Ghana

Nov 10/23, Damascus Marathon, Syria

Nov 12/23, Beirut Marathon, Lebanon

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