Future Races

This section lists marathons & countries that members plan to run in upcoming months so that other members can learn where they might meet and join fellow members. It provides a comfortable feeling to know another runner and see a familiar face in a strange part of the world and it helps to build camaraderie among Club members. And it may be possible to share some expenses if you meet up with fellow members. If a large number of members are running the same marathon/country it may be an opportunity to organize a Club reunion.



Curt Sandberg

May 15/21 Helsinki City Marathon, Finland

Sep 26/21 Berlin Marathon, Germany

Dieter Elster

Jun 06/21, KLM Marathon, Aruba


Wojciech Machnik

May 02/21 Belfast City Marathon, Northern Ireland

May 15/21 Night Marathon Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Jun 06/21 Tórshavn Marathon, Faroe Islands

Aug 08/21 Isle of Man Marathon, Isle of Man

Toshinori Watanabe

April 25/22  Kathmandu Urban Marathon, Nepal

Brent Weigner 

Jun 12/22, San Salvador, El Salvador
Jul 16-24/2021, São Tomé and Principe, Global Limits
Sep 5/21, Antigua and Barbuda
Sep18/21, Khunjerab Pass, Pakistan
Oct 9-18/21, Afghanistan, Untamed Borders
Nov 7/21, St. Helena
Dec 4/22, Boa Vista Trail, Cape Verde

Jun 13/22, Managua, Nicaragua

Sep18/22, Khunjerab Pass, Pakistan

Elina Junnila

May 05/21 Varna Marathon, Bulgaria