Future Races

This section lists marathons & countries that members plan to run in upcoming months so that other members can learn where they might meet and join fellow members. It provides a comfortable feeling to know another runner and see a familiar face in a strange part of the world and it helps to build camaraderie among Club members. And it may be possible to share some expenses if you meet up with fellow members. If a large number of members are running the same marathon/country it may be an opportunity to organize a Club reunion.



Brent Weigner

Sept 19/20, Khunjerab, Pakistan
Oct 24/20, Åland Island, Finland
Nov 28/20, Boa Vista, Cape Verde

Jim Diego

Sep 20/20, Ston Wall Marathon, Ston, Croatia
Sep 27/20, KV Marathon, Kennebecasis Valley, NB, Canada
Oct 4/20, Košice Peace Marathon, Košice, Slovakia
Oct 11/20, Wizz Air Sofia Marathon, Sofia, Bulgaria
Oct 25/20, Wizz Air Kyiv City Marathon, Kiev, Ukraine
Nov 1/20, TCS New York City Marathon, NY, USA

Rico Bogacz

Oct 11/20, Zagreb Marathon, Croatia
Oct 25/20, Ljubljana Marathon, Slovenia

Curt Sandberg

Sep 26/21 Berlin Marathon, Germany

Oct 3/20 Helsinki City Marathon , Finland

Yasunori Arikawa

Oct 11/20, Budapest Marathon, Hungary

Oct 25/20, Podgorica Marathon, Montenegro

Juergen Kuhlmey

Oct 11/20, Sofia Marathon, Bulgaria

Nov 17/20, No Finish Line. Monaco

Feb 05/21, Colonia Marathon, Uruguay

Feb 08/21, Antarctica Marathon, Antarctica

Toshinori Watanabe

Oct. 11/20, Bucharest Marathon, Romania

Oct 24/20, Kathmandu Urban Marathon, Nepal
Nov. 14/20, Gulf Bank 642 Marathon, Kuwait
Jan. 16/21, White Continent Marathon, Antarctica

Albert Meijer

Oct 11/20, Budapest Marathon, Hungary

Gertjan Lahuis

Sep 29/20, Gibraltar Marathon. Gibraltar

Dieter Elster

Sep 29/20, Gibraltar Marathon, Gibraltar

Oct 24/20, Urban Marathon, Kathmandu, Nepal

Oct 29/20, Erbil Marathon, Erbil, Iraq

Nov 17/20, No Finish Line, Monaco

Jun 06/21, KLM Marathon, Aruba



Helmut Linzbichler

Oct 4/20, Kärnten Marathon, Austria

Oct 11/20, Graz Marathon, Austria

Wojciech Machnik

Sep 27/20, Pristina Marathon, Kosovo

Sep 29/20, Gibraltar Marathon, Gibraltar

Oct 11/20, Riga Marathon, Latvia

Oct 18/20, Belgrade Marathon, Serbia

Oct 31/20, Åland Marathon, Åland Islands

Nov 17/20, No Finish Line, Monaco

Feb 05/21 Colonia Marathon, Uruguay

Feb 06/21 Buenos Aires Marathon, Argentina

Feb 08/21 Antarctica Marathon, Antarctica

Feb 10/21 Punta Arenas Marathon, Chile

May 02/21 Belfast City Marathon, Northern Ireland

May 15/21 Night Marathon Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Jun 06/21 Tórshavn Marathon, Faroe Islands

Aug 08/21 Isle of Man Marathon, Isle of Man









Masako Goto

Oct 7/20, NFL Bratislava Marathon, Slovakia

Oct 11/20, Estonia Wilderness Marathon, Estonia

Nov 1/20, Taroko Gorge Marathon, Taiwan

John Kinchen

Sep 20/20, Wroclaw, Poland

Oct 20, Yeravan, Armenia

Nov 20, Beirut, Lebanon

Dec 06/20, Valencia, Spain

Mirko Leffler

Oct 25/20, Niagara Falls Marathon, Canada

Nov 01/20, New York City Marathon, USA

Outi Peltoniemi

Sep 20/20, Valmiera Marathon, Latvia

Oct 24/20, Kathmandu Urban Marathon, Nepal

Unto Peltoniemi

Sep 20/20, Valmiera Marathon, Latvia

Oct 24/20, Kathmandu Urban Marathon, Nepal

Herbert Reinhold

Oct 3/20, Swakopmund, Namibia

Nov 1/20, New York Marathon, USA

Thomas Godlewsky

Sep 29/20, Gibraltar Marathon, Gibraltar
Oct 04/20, Skopje, North Macedonia
Nov 17/20, No Finish Line, Monaco


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