New Members:


Jan 13, 2019, Heiko Luther, Germany, 30 countries

Jan 18, 2019, Kevin Brosi, USA, 42 countries

Feb 03, 2019, Unto Stenroos, Finland, 30 countries

Feb 05, 2019, Wojciech Machnik, Poland, 30 countries

Feb 05, 2019, Elina Junnila, Finland, 33 countries

Mar 07, 2019, Geert Brouwer, Netherlands, 30 countries

Apr 29, 2019, Pekka Mononen, Finland, 30 countries

Jun 02, 2019, Jim Diego, USA, 30 countries

Jul 17, 2019, Gert Rens, Belgium, 30 countries

Aug 19, 2019, Juhani Aho, Finland, 30 countries

Sep 15, 2019, Outi Peltoniemi, Finland, 30 countries

Dec 01, 2019, Timo Marjomaki, Finland, 30 countries

Dec 01, 2019, Cheri Pompeo, USA, 37 countries

Facebook Page


The Country Club does have a Facebook group (Country Club) that serves as an interactive forum for members to ask questions and share information on races. This Facebook page could be used as a quick & easy way to contact other members and to post info about a race. Some members do not use Facebook but those that do are encouraged to join the group and use it as an interactive forum between members.

100 Countries

Congratulations to  Edit Kiss on completing 100 countries on Dec 01, 2018 in Brunei.

She becomes the 12th, and the 2nd female and youngest female (45) member to complete this challenging goal.

Along with her partner Janos Kis, they are only the 2nd couple in the world to complete this goal!

Congratulations to Dieter Elster on completing 100 countries on May 4, 2019 in Zambia. He is the 13th member to accomplish this challenging goal.

Congratulations to Dan Micola who became the 14th runner/member to complete a marathon in 100 countries on the completion of the Sand River Marathon in Eswatini on Aug 5, 2019.



Most No of Countries in 1 Year

Congratulations to Wojciech Machnik for breaking his previous WR of completing marathons in 64 countries in 1 year with the completion of 67 countries in 1 year at the Cancun Marathon in Mexico on Dec 07, 2019!

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